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July 14, 2008

Some Concerns about WAR’s Capitol City Rotation

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Mythic recently dropped the bomb about the content that will not be available at launch. They’ve talked about several options for mitigating the removed capitol cities but the option that concerns me most is the idea of rotating the capitol cities.

I’m not sure how this would resolve people’s concerns about RvR. Let’s examine some of the issues.

How will the Mythic rotate the cities?

I was talking to my brother about how we thought Mythic would rotate the cities. He feels the cities will rotate clockwise, but I really feel like they will rotate counterclockwise. Neither of us would back down and we almost got in a fight.

And then I was talking to my wife today and she really threw out a curve ball — what if they rotate, like, upside-down? This would certainly make melee DPS and tanks less useful, perhaps Mythic is planning the rotation to counteract the removal of some of those classes.

But this brings up even more issues. Are the city 72v72 scenarios balanced for “capsized” play? How about the Public Quests, will they still work? This just brings up a ton of issues and it seems like it will take Mythic longer to properly implement the rotating cities than it would be just to fix them in the first place.

Issues with Lore

I’m not an expert on Warhammer lore but I also think it would be difficult to incorporate spinning cities into the rich Warhammer lore. There are very, very few revolving cities in Warhammer, certainly none that are planned for the game right now. Did Mythic speak with Games Workshop about the change? Sometimes I feel like Games Workshop is really selling out — I’m prepared to play a Warhammer game without Space Marines (although it’s a stretch, they’re my favorite race) but twirling cities are really going to make me feel un-immersed and dizzy.

Motion Sickness

There’s no doubt that revolving capitol cities will cause more player vomiting than many of the alternatives. But Mythic can do a lot to mitigate this, I think. If the cities rotate more slowly (I’d suggest no faster than one revolution per minute) this will alleviate the issue but not eliminate it. The problem is that a slow rotation would mean players would have to wait longer for the exit to come around so they can leave the city. I guess there needs to be a happy medium between puking and delaying travel.


I think that Mythic faced a tough problem and came up with a very risky but extremely unique solution. Hopefully the NDA will lift soon so we can all see how our new rotating capitol cities look.


July 13, 2008

Rumorhammer : Mythic to introduce Hardcore Crafting Servers

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If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing a lot of rumors on blogs and forums about hardcore crafting servers in WAR. So what’s up with this, and what is the story behind the hardcore crafting servers?

Fortunately I have a source on the inside. I promised not to reveal his name, but he sends me inside information about WAR in return for a never-ending stream of blood pudding and jellied eels which I have smuggled into the country.

The Genesis

The idea for hardcore crafting servers come from PvP servers. See, on a PvP server (in WoW or “Open Servers” in WAR), you can be wandering around, doing something you enjoy, and suddenly be forced into PvP, which you probably like but weren’t planning on doing at that time. You can be questing and be forced to PvP. You can be gathering and be forced to PvP. You can even be in a town or at a vendor, or waiting for an instance, and suddenly be forced to PvP. And this is wildly popular with the players.

So why not go a step further and apply this popular idea to other mechanics in the game? Hence, Hardcore Crafting Servers were born.

Living Recipes

The new mechanic of the Hardcore Crafting Servers is the introduction of “Living Recipes”. These recipes will be immensely powerful creatures with abilities that can easily kill any player in the game. The only way to defeat a Living Recipe is to create an item of that recipe. So if you were attacked by a “Potion of Healing” recipe, the only way to survive would be to quickly craft a Potion of Healing.

The manifestations of the Living Recipes will mirror the ways PvP occurs on PvP servers — in other words they will senselessly interrupt other parts of the game. So a player that was about to capture a RvR objective might suddenly find himself beset by nine or ten recipes, which would then proceed to attack, kill, and camp him. Or a player that was about to loot a Public Quest treasure box might find himself killed and then repeatedly spat upon by the specifications for a plus-healing trinket, etc.

Life on a Hardcore Crafting Server

It’s important to understand that, like gankers on a PvP server, the recipes will not necessarily be tuned to your level or tradeskills. There will be bands of max-level recipes roaming low-level areas. You might defeat a recipe only to be immediately ganked by two more that show up. This makes sense if you think about it — after all, the game is not called “Fairhammer”.

Eventually players on Hardcore Crafting Servers might want relief from these Recipe Onslaughts. Taking a page from WoW, Mythic will introduce special, boring grinding areas where recipes rarely go. So this way players have a choice between being corpse-camped by, say, “Lilly Seeds of Fortitude”, or slaying Rat-Men of varying hues for hours on end.

Directed PvP with objectives and rewards can be immensely enjoyable, and can enthrall players for hours on end. The principal invention of PvP servers is the minimization of this fun PvP, so that greater emphasis can be placed on ganking. “Open Crafting” servers will function in the same way. Players will not have as much time to spend crafting useful items, or in advancing their crafting skills. They will be so absorbed by unsuccessfully avoiding Recipe Squads and the resulting corpse runs that they’ll have time for little else.

Target Population

You might ask yourself : why would players play on a Hardcore Crafting Servers? Well, there will really be two kinds of players Mythic expects to see.

The first are crafting fans who will roll on these servers in the mistaken belief that this will make crafting more fun. These players will learn too late that Hardcore Crafting Servers make everything (including crafting) less fun, but by that time they’ll have friends and guilds and it will be too late to switch servers.

The second group are the people that are already referring to themselves as “Craftcore”. They will spend most of their time on the forums belittling people who are not on crafting servers, the so-called “craft bears”. Mythic will enforce this view by prohibiting transfers to crafting servers, but not vice-versa.

The end result

I think players will be really happy to see the effort put into the crafting servers, and will agree their inclusion was more than worth the loss of all those lame classes and cities.

July 11, 2008


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Today, Mythic announced some big news that you’ve probably already heard. Four of the twenty-four classes will be missing from launch, and four of the six capitol cities will be missing from launch. Oh, and Mythic is going to use PunkBuster.

My first reaction was surprise. “Boy, is this surprising” I thought, perhaps unsurprisingly.

My second thought was “This is like An Entire Month’s Worth Of Easy, Easy Blogs.”

This is probably the greatest gift that anyone has ever given me. I think I’m going to cry. I’m just so happy. You know, I could probably milk this one piece of info for an entire year.

Stay tuned for my next blog : “Let’s talk about the recent WAR announcement : Part 1 of 47”

July 4, 2008

The Massive Multireader Online Rolereading Blog

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To truly serve the fans of the MMORPG, Warhammer : Age of Reckoning, we here at Boathammer have decided you need a new type of blog. A web 4.0 blog. A blog that is actually a game.

(At this point you should start humming some theme music in your head. If you hum something public domain that would save us some money, we would appreciate it.)

Welcome to Boathammer : Age of Bloggening! Thanks to our innovative design, we guarantee that we’ll be the best game blogging game that you’ve ever seen!

Just look at our feature list (WARNING : NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)

  • Multiple Modes of Advancement : You can advance in comments posted, trolling, lurking, or cursing
  • Comment Dyes : Earn the right to post in custom colors! Pre-orders will get unique comment dyes that will never be available again!
  • Guilds : Just respond to a comment to join that person’s guild! To quit a guild, don’t respond to that person’s comments!
  • Comment Combat : Players of the opposing faction can delete or alter your comments!
  • RVR : RVR included!

Or take a look at our implemented features :

  • 15 dollar monthly subscription fee : Just stick 15 dollars cash in an envelope, go to the park, and duct tape it to the bottom of the bench by the tree. It’s that easy!
  • For non-US residents : please attach the envelope to helium balloon, wait until the wind is blowing towards the US, and release.
  • For US residents, if you find a balloon with an envelope attached to it : That’s mine. Please stick an additional 15 dollars into it, go to the park, and duct tape it to the bottom of the bench by the tree.
  • Released in 2011 : YEAH!

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