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July 18, 2008

Five Things From Friday

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(Before I start the article I’d like to curse wordpress for not saving my formatting properly, causing me to redo it ten times in a row and finally discarding my list altogether)

I think I might do this every week, by “this” I mean post five random things every week on Friday. I would like to note in this inaugural post that when I say I’ll post 1. five things 2. every week 3. on Friday I actually guarantee none of the three.

I’ll keep the name though, it’s catchy.

1. Obsessing Over Statistics and How WAR Bloggers Are Awesome

The only thing I obsess over more than WAR is the statistics for this blog. I wrote this epic post about weirdness or coolness in my stats but realized you would all be bored.

I will say that about 99% of my traffic comes from Syp, Arbitrary and Spinks, Snafzg, and Matt, who’ve all been very kind to link to me (I pre-wrote this, since then scary and thade have linked to me as well). I can never thank you guys enough 🙂 If you look at my comments section you’ll also note that they and other bloggers account for most of my comments. Again, very very nice to get feedback, and very nice of you guys to go out of your way to make a new guy feel welcome.

2. My bizarre sense of humor

This week I wrote a love letter to PvP servers and a parody of my own blog. I don’t know that anyone got it, either that or they were really bad. This makes these blog entries like most of my jokes.

3. Interview with Josh Drescher

This is old.

Anyway, this interview with Josh Drescher over at gamasutra is interesting for two reasons. First because he says that Mythic is right across the street from the NRA. Back when I lived in Fairfax I used to drive past the NRA every day on the way to work. I still drive past it on 66 when we go to visit my wife’s grandfather and I always point it out. I guess now I’ll say “That’s the NRA AND Mythic is right across the street.”

Also interesting because Josh talks about how your MMORPG doesn’t have to, you know, beat WoW to still make money and be successful. I always find that when gamers talk about the success of games and game studios, they vastly underrate survival. Gamers consider a really innovative game that nobody bought to be a fantastic success, even when it kills the studio that created it. Likewise, a modest success that keeps the studio in business is considered a failure. “I hope they don’t disappoint us again!

4. Fringe Benefits

My favorite side effect of the Classpocalypse? It Absolutely Murdered Every Warhammer Alliance Forum Thread About The Expansion.

5. Listening to Podcasts

I have only had an Ipod for about a month but I love it. I listen to podcasts at the gym. Tuesday I listened to my first Warhammer-related podcast, the ChaosCast. I was listening to the current episode with Carrie Gouskas (I’m resolved not to look up the proper spelling) talking about the Tome of Knowledge. There is some new information in there that I had not heard before, so I highly suggest it.

The formatting of this article sucks for some reason, so sorry if it looks weird to you. Bloody wordpress.


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