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July 9, 2008

Thrilling And Useful Site News

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*** This blog has moved, it is now hosted at ***

If you’re visiting my site you probably already know that Syp (of Waaaugh) and Arbitrary and Spinks (of Book of Grudges) very kindly accepted my offer to swap links (since you certainly came from one or both of their sites). Very, very kindly since I only had about four hits ever in my first two weeks.

Waaaugh and Book of Grudges are pretty much the two best WAR blogs around, so it’s all very cool. I even know that Waaaugh has three letter A’s. I am a true fan.

Syp posted tonight about the rules for staying on his blogroll :

RULE #2: Be a helpful, friendly part of the WAR community. If you’re antagonistic to other sites or blogs (in a mean way), if you’re exclusive or insular, if you think the entire WAR world revolves around you and you can’t be bothered to be part of the larger community, then I have no desire to see your name sully this blog. To date, I’ve only ever removed one site from my blogroll because of a snobby, elitist attitude (I won’t mention which one, but I’m sure if you’re bored you can figure it out).

I like the antagonism bit — I only write because I enjoy being a contrarian 😉


June 25, 2008

This is My New Blog

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*** This blog has moved, it is now hosted at ***

My Name is Boat.

I am a software engineer, I am married and have one son, and I play videogames. This blog is about Warhammer : Age of Reckoning, a game that hasn’t even been released. I’m not even in the beta.

That’s basically everything you need to know about me.

Blog at